Over the past six years, the direction the travel business has gone has been very interesting. Those that thought the internet was taking over have realized that there is no substitution for experience and expertise. The model has now shifted to a much more personalized service and this can only be done effectively with someone that knows the product inside and out. Vacation Specialists that know the business and the destination. With Independent Ireland there will be modules available for the casual planner, to the highly customized unique Ireland experience. All built around your preferences and your specifications.

Even the Group Tour product has come a long way since yesteryear, when a bunch of strangers played follow the leader for a week and all return having experienced the same cookie-cutter experience. The new small group experience allows for freedom and creativity. Allowing you to carve out your own experience, but with a little more guidance and security. Often all sharing the same passion and interests while interacting with the country, it’s people and it’s culture in a very natural and authentic way.

Come follow along, your going to like it.


The Crew at Independent Ireland